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James Dawson


Golf- und Landclub Haghof e.V. - 73553 Alfdorf-Haghof

E-Mail: Mobil : 01788555589

Über mich

In an ideal world the Golf swing would be exactly the same for everyone but as Golf Coaches we are not programming robots with the same skill level and range of motion so we must cater for our students individual needs. It's my job as your coach to make you aware of your weaknesses and then build a plan to improve both your understanding and your level of skill in these particular zones.
In my opinion the way you grip the hold (grip) and stand to (posture) the Golf Ball are the two most important Fundamentals influencing the Golf Swing. If your not holding the Club correctly or standing in a reasonable posture you are only backing yourself into a corner! There maybe a number of reasons for a poor Grip or bad Posture and it may not be the golfers intention but these two fundamentals are big influences on your golf game and in particular your Ball Flight/direction and the consistency of the contact made.

Golfers serious about improving must also get serious about improving their bodies and in particular their Stability and Mobility. In other words strenghtening and/or increasing their range of motion. Golf improvement is simply identiying weaknesses and then eliminating those defecits.

Golf is a great challenge for everybody... a competition against others, against the weather, against the Golf course but most of all a game against yourself!
Consistency is the Aim of the game and Perfection will come and go as it pleases.


Since arriving in Germany I have certainly sacrificed my own playing ambitions and have really concentrated on Coaching.

I have been the Junior Coach in Haghof G.C since 2003 and have been lucky enough to have made many great experiences with my Junior Teams and individual players under my tutelage, including different County Champions, 2 National Team Members and even the 2011 German Mens Champion Max Kraemer.

Coaching Successes:

2004 Youth County Champions
2006 German Golf Association Junior Prize 1st Place (County Winners)
2007 German Golf Association Junior Prize 1st Place (County Winners)
2007 4.Place German U18 Boys Team Championship
2007 Runners Up Boys County Team Championship
2009 Runners Up Girls County Team Championship

My Champions:
2004 Youth County team Champions
2004 Boys U14 County Champion
2006 Boys U16 & U18 County Champion
2006 Junior British Open Runner-Up
2008 GermanBoys International Amateur Champion
2009 Boys U18 Couty Champion
2009 Girls U16 County Champion
2011 German Mens Champion
2015 County U16 Junior Champion
2016 German U14 Girls Runner-up

- Grundtechnik - Schwungtraining - Chip/Pitch Training - Putt Training -Regeln & Ettikette - Schnupperstunden-
DGV Platzreife/Jugendplatzreife - Gruppenunterricht - Spiel mit/gegen dem Pro - Spieltaktik/Coursemanagement -
ANALYSE MIT TRACKMAN: Schwunganalyse, Videoanalyse, Schläger Gapping, Schlägerfitting/Schlägertesten, Combine/Optimizer

Honorar/Preise 25 Min:
1 Person: €30
2 Personen €35
3 Personen €39
4 Personen €45

Honorar/Preise 50 Min
1 Person €55
2 Personen €60
3 Personen €68
4 Personen €75

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