MEANDMYPRO is a web-based, mobile-friendly, reservation, scheduling, marketing, payment and back office management system for golf instructors and academies. It is the only online booking system on the market specifically designed for golf instruction.

Dawie Stander, Managing Director and 28-year Golf Professional, has created a system “designed by a golf instructor for golf instructors”. MEANDMYPRO software has been designed and built from scratch by one of the largest in-house IT companies in Germany giving the flexibility to adapt quickly to market changes and recommendations regarding client requirements. We at MEANDMYPRO know exactly how the golf business works, the requirements of instructors/academies and the needs of their clients (students). As a result, the MEANDMYPRO system has been designed to be the most user-friendly and mobile-friendly online platform on the market.

Instructors/Academies can customize their personal page for branding and create any tailored type of appointment, school, clinic, package, etc. they would like to offer their students. The MEANDMYPRO system makes it easy for the instructor/academy to promote such programs and services through the platform itself. The system is intuitive and manages all lessons, schools, and packages for the busy professional. MEANDMYPRO introduces two exclusive products, the flexible MoneyCard and the FlatRate program that greatly increase the bottom line for any busy professional.

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Why MEANDMYPRO and not another booking system?

  • It’s the most user-friendly system on the market.
  • It’s the most mobile-friendly system on the market.
  • MEANDMYPRO’s designers removed the unnecessary clutter inherent in other systems and focused only on what is relevant to golf industry professionals.
  • It has been specifically “designed by a golf instructor for golf instructors”.
  • “In-House” software design engineers are continually improving and adapting the system to meet client requirements.
  • It’s the only system that can manage our exclusive FlatRate and MoneyCard products.
  • Most online systems on the market are complicated and require the instructor and their students to be somewhat computer savvy; MEANDMYPRO simplified the process with an intuitive modern design that provides a user-friendly product for both the instructor/academy and their students. Based on feedback from our clients and their students………………MEANDMYPRO is a “HIT”!!!
  • Lastly, MEANDMYPRO’s inclusive and thoughtful design provides instructors/academies the necessary tools and resources to grow their business, increase their revenue while making their professional and personal time more efficient.


We offer free online demos and a 14 day free trial. We can forward you many informative and tutorial videos for you to see the system in action. Contact your MEANDMYPRO team to set up an online demo or to answer any questions.