Me and my Pro - an idea prevails.

Me and my Pro is the new internet portal for amateur golfing.

We follow our goal with determination and passion, which is to expand the community of the PGA Teaching Professionals and their customers, thereby meant their students, by providing them with effective tools. For the Pros, an interactive training calendar is available today already for scheduling, as well as an organiser to document training units and training progress. Further, in the log in secured community, the dialog between trainer and student is guaranteed.

The rapidly increasing number of sign-ups of Teaching Professionals as well as their customers impressively confirms that our ideas was exactly right and implemented at the right time: to support the Pros economic activities through effective internet offers to build them into a strong community with the best purchasing- and marketing opportunities. Also, to offer golfers a Golfing Sport Platform that not only complies with the modern expectations of choice, quality and service from all offers, but also caters to the needs of a modern community.

A travel and shop area is also available to the Professionals. The most, (almost) all the known brands of golf equipment offer their complete range in our shop; from C like Cobra, through Taylor Made to W like Wilson. Also available on our website is Proscott Golf Tours, a leading company in the area of arranging professional golfing tours, with their full range. Lastly, with all leading names in golf equipment and golf tours, we stand shortly before further interesting business transactions, and so will close the gaps in our portfolio.

Your Me and my Pro Team.

Simply allow yourself to be astounded and visit us again occasionally.