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Super Range - 98043 Mountlake Terrace

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--I have loved the game since I was 8 years old when my dad put a golf club in my hands. I still love the game - 50 years later, It's in my soul.
--I set two course records competing in Junior Tournaments before the age of 16 in Lansing/East Lansing Michigan.
--Qualified for US Jr Girls Amateur
--My college Golf Coach Mary Dagraedt was inducted into 5 Hall Of Fames. She was often more like a mother than a coach to the members of her golf teams, often providing housing, meals & clothing. To Mary, the key to a good golf score was patience & the short game. "It’s not how hard you hit the ball, it’s how well you hit the ball." "Never up, never in. No mulligans in golf. In golf and in life: Play by the rules and always follow through.
--Puetz Golf, LPGA Teaching Professional, developed programs that created golfers
--GM/Head Golf Professional, Leavenworth Golf Course, Leavenworth WA
--LPGA Professional, Columbia Super Range, LPGA-USGA Girls Golf Site Director
--Coach for First Tee of Greater Seattle
--Shoreline School District - Shorewood High School Girls Golf Coach

--My teaching style is influenced by my coaches. They had patience, kindness, and a never give up attitude, and I'm like that to this day. My dad, Art Prior, Owner Par Mor Golf Course my Coach for 15 years, and Coach Mary Dagraedt-Miami-Dade College. I am grateful for their time, guidance.

I give back in many ways, my love for this sport . I welcome and teach many people all ages, race, religion, and beliefs. If you want to learn, I will teach you.

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More from my College Golf Coach: "In golf and in life: Play by the rules and always follow through." ~Mary Dagraedt

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